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Golf Lessons

Golf Training Philosophy

My method of teaching golf allows students to be free from mechanical thought. We don’t play golf mechanically, therefore I don’t teach golf mechanically! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced golfer I “teach you to teach yourself”.

This method teaches the student to “CREATE” a golf swing and not mechanically reproduce it. Teaching the student to understand the necessity of mind/body coordination through my  “body part to body part” invention is one of the major keys to my success of lowering your golf score.

Golf Lesson Programs

There are two series of lessons that you have a chance to chose from: The Full Swing and The Short Game. In my 80,000 word book,“The Five Objectives of a Successful Golf Swing”, I cover the entire aspect of golf learning.

It is my suggestion that you start with the Full Swing Series of three lessons that will cover the concept of lower body movement through proper feet work/ weight transfer, the grip and the back-swing plane. In the Short Game you will learn Putting, Chipping and the Full Swing Wedge and those in-between feel shots that create indecision.

  • You Will Become a Master at Distance
  • Control in All Short Game Shots

Golf Lessons at Private Golf Club $500

Five hours of instruction from Short Game, Full Swing and 9 holes of golf playing; designed for advance to beginners. Learn all the trouble shots on a golf course! All lessons include range balls.

Ultimate Golf Putting Clinic For Beginner and Intermediate Players

  • $100 per student with a minimal of four students

Advanced Golfers Only – Must have an Official U.S.G.A. Handicap

This program not only covers the Mastery of Distance Control through the Science and Art of Reading Greens but goes deeply into the putter designs and the angles necessary to get you to the next level. My book “The Five Objectives of a Successful Golf Swing” and the first four major points of your mental routine are covered in detail. Though I have a two hour minimal it is recommended that you extend your investment of  time and money to cover this subject that is an absolute necessity to hone your overall potential of lowering  your golf scores!!

Individual Golf Lessons (Student Selects Subject)

  • $120 per hour

Group Golf Lesson Programs

  • Call For Details