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Ben Mutz Golfer

Ben Mutz Golf Instructor

Accomplished Golfer, Instructor, Author and Business Professional!

Ben Mutz created The Mutz Method of Golf Instruction back in 1987 and recently finished his latest book; The Five Objectives of a Successful Golf Swing. The foundation of his book began on the putting green where he invented his “body part to body part” method of golf instruction.

In putting, the number one obstacle to initially overcome is understanding the distance factor of a putt. In other words, how hard should you hit a putt to have it go the correct distance; this is what The Mutz Method of Golf Instruction will teach you.

Ben will encompass the individual or group golf lessons as well as golf equipment and golf products that he recommends for golf improvement such as grips and gloves or a weighted golf club swing tool.

I want my clients to contact me direct via my cell (815) 715-3708 or this email address: benmutzgolfco@yahoo.com