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Ben Mutz GolfBen Mutz, founder and creator of The Ben Mutz Golf Academy and The Mutz Method of golf instruction has a goal for the Chicagoland golfer:

“To make golf a year round sport and to give the golfer an opportunity to constantly improve their golfing skills.”

Whether you’re a beginner just starting to play golf, or an intermediate golfer who wants to know more about golf, or a pro golfer who wants to take lessons to improve your golf swing and lower your score, Ben Mutz can help. 

Learn how to play golf with the Ben Mutz Method of Golf Instruction and improve your golf game with lessons designed specifically for your golfing needs.

Private Golf Lessons, Group Golf Lessons, Golf Clinics, Golf Putting Instruction and Custom Designed Golf Lessons

My clinics and teaching are different than what you have already experienced. My book “The Five Objectives of a Successful Golf Swing” teaches that the first four objectives are your mental routine of : becoming obsessed with the TARGET, knowing exactly the Distance you are from that TARGET, picking out the exact TARGET line you want the ball to travel down and lastly making your body square to that intended TARGET line.

Your weakness is in the second objective of Mastering Distance Control….. in other words you are trying to FEEL and create a TOUCH for that objective and often times you fail at that and then GUESS which causes INDECISION. Thus there is never a positive learning.

My method will change all of that indecision – guaranteed or you don’t pay for my instruction!